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Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Ms Hari Priya

Sr. Manager - Placements


“To be recognized as India's best-in-class business school in emerging knowledge domains of management, with expanding global reach through effective engagement with academia, industry, government, and other relevant stakeholders.”


  • We support the foundational and life-long learning needs of all our stakeholders in functional and leadership roles.

  • We develop differentiated talent-nurturing programs by integrating frontier management research with management theory and business practices.

  • We proactively participate in strategic initiatives leading to new venture creation, performance excellence, and global engagement.

  • We foster entrepreneurial thinking with environmental empathy, social responsibility, and corporate governance.


  • Academic Excellence and Freedom

  • Professional Integrity and Ethics

  • Individual Dignity and Diversity

  • Collaborative and Responsible Leadership

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction


History of DOMS

The Department of Management Studies was established in the year 2004 as a home to the popular Master in Business Administration course being taught since August 2001. It is the first IIT to open its doors to enthusiasts from streams other than Engineering such as B.A, B.Sc & B.Com in 2013. Besides the MBA program, the department has research programs at the Master's (MS) and Doctoral (PhD) levels and an Executive MBA program for the middle and senior level executives. The department is also a partner in multi-institutional Diploma program (PGPEX - VLM) for Visionary Leaders in Manufacturing, along with IIM Calcutta and IIT Kanpur. Consultancy and Executive Development programs are some of the other activities undertaken by the Department.

Why recruit at DOMS

MBA at Dept. of Management Studies, IIT Madras has been designed keeping in view today's dynamic business environment and the consequent need to develop unique, young management talent to work in this environment.

The IIT Advantage

Students of MBA at DoMS can opt for auditing courses from any of the elective courses offered by the Department of Management Studies or from over 300 courses offered by the other 16 departments in the Institute covering science, technology, humanities and social sciences. This unique access to a blend of knowledge streams feed the MBA program to produce a distinct breed of business professionals. Within the IIT system our MBA students get to develop a distinct capability in analytics and problem solving. Our MBA students also become lifetime members of the pan IIT ecosystem able to lead technology organizations and enterprises.

Programme Structure Advantage

The MBA programme at DoMS has a unique structure with courses spread over seven quarters having only four to five courses per quarter. This gives students an optimal learning experience, enabling them to develop a well-rounded professional personality by engaging in a variety of constructive activities including taking courses on audit, going on field visits, participating in various management workshops and competitions, organizing special professional events, and working on live business projects.

Business Domain Exposure

To incorporate a deep industry specific knowledge and process level understanding of organizations in various industrial verticals, our MBA program offers a course on industrial and business domains. In addition, every year industry trends are studied and course contents are updated or new courses introduced.

Diversity and Size

Our MBA batch size is in the range of 50 to 70 students admitted from a large pool of applicants through a rigorous national level selection process. Our students come from across the length and breadth of our country. In addition, many of our courses are attended by participants from other departments, research scholars and foreign students coming through international exchange programs. They learn from and enjoy the advantage of working with people from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Other sources of diversity in the class room include a balanced gender mix and fresh out of college and participants with prior work experience. The small batch size enables our faculty to give personalized attention to our students, and build a warm culture of group-work in the Department.

Research Scholars - MS/PhD

Our M.S. in Management is a unique programme which gives the student an exposure to the breadth of knowledge across the functional areas of management and depth of knowledge in their chosen area of specialization. This unique blend helps students to showcase their talent in all areas as specialists with core management skills.

We strive to provide our research program with a global flavour. We now have academic partnerships and student exchange programs with business schools across Europe, Australian and American Universities. We have Joint Ph.D. programmes with Curtin University, University of Technology Sydney, and University of Passau.

At DoMS, IIT Madras we take pride in liaising with industry in a meaningful way that goes beyond the “Day 0, Day 1…” paradigm. We look forward to a relationship that is manifold in its forms of engagement. We look forward to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship and this includes engaging in activities such as guest lectures, leadership talks, and conclaves etc. that facilitate learning.